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Our team of expert negotiators continues to work hard to find the best way to save our clients money. Below are real life examples of some of the best settlement results we have recently negotiated for our clients.

Balance Settlement Company
9,458.00 2,837.40 Capital One
7,956.00 2148.12 Citi Bank
5,120.00 945.25 Capital One
13,298.00 4.654.30 Wells Fargo
5,286.00 2114.40 Bank of America
6,702.00 1,943.58 NCO Financial
 58,339.00 6,417.29  Bank of America 
We update the list weekly, the sooner you call the sooner you could see one of your settlements highlighted.

*These are historical settlements and do not guarantee future results. Actual results will vary based on individual situations and negotiations.